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Ashish Kumar is a Certified Astro-Vastu consultant in India, with a piece of enormous knowledge in Vastu shastra and Astrology. He has a wide range of practical solutions for dealing with every single circumstance connected to Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology.


Being an expert in the field of Vastu and Astrology, I believe I can predict perfectly your way of living, your stars & asterism, past & future happenings, failure & risk with the right, simple and effective solution. It might sound traditional but it would surely make your whole life easier and healthier.

I have been in the field of Astro and Vastu for the past 17 years and guided countless individuals to bring peaceful tomorrow in their life. My main intention is not only to define and showcase myself but to present things that can connect your belief and trust in the right direction for your wellbeing.

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To Bring Prosperity at Work Place, Get Commercial Vastu Consultation for running a Stable Business.


To avoid any Family and Personal Life issues Get consultation for Residential Vastu and Make your home a ‘Home Sweet Home’.


To Increase Productivity, Sales and Profit of Your Industry Get a Industrial Vastu Consultation and raise your Industry Standard.


Get detailed insight on past, present, and future to Explore and Balance your life events by Date of birth Analysis.

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Planning to build a house, Buy a plot, or Already living & working on any property- Take an Astro-Vastu Consultation with Best Future 6 to get a peaceful & protective atmosphere surrounding you.

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About Best Future 6

Best Future 6 is a group that customizes Vastu of Homes, Offices, and Industries in the right direction as per the research of your Astrology Charts, Numerology numbers, and working and living location.

Get into the environment where everything felt right- I can help you build that environment by balancing the 5 elements of Vastu Shastra- Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space and without demolishing anything. 

With the easy & fine solutions for Vastu Treatment by using metal strips and applying harmonious colors, Best Future 6 helps to hold your trust in positivity and faith.

I am a professionally trained, certified Astro-Vastu practitioner aiming to inspire others to live a life of 3H- Health, Happiness, and Harmony.

- Mr. Ashish Kumar


Our Services


Vastu Shastra helps you find stability in life by balancing the energies of your various building areas and zones. It shows the basic sense of how tweaking your living and working location can increase productive energies and even improve your life in terms of success, health, money relationships, and more. 


With the help of Astrology, you can find your past, present, and future related prospects from the narrative birth chart. It will make you understand yourself, your good & bad times, your flow, etc, and helps in identifying key points that need to be changed or added which will bring improvements in relationships, health, wealth, and success.


Our life is closely related to numbers- Likewise Hour-Minutes-Seconds and Birth date-day-time. These number holds potentials to affect our life, It can tell you at what time what you are going to achieve, what is your ability, what foremost you can get, where you can fall, knowing all these can help you setting your goal and maintaining your future in the right way.

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Check Your Vastu